How to Sell Cosmetics to Retail Buyers: Tips to Attract Retail Buyers to Your Brand

How to sell cosmetics to retail buyers? Read this article and discover the best tips you can use to attract retail buyers to your brand!

So, you are interested in selling cosmetics to retail buyers? That’s great! In order to attract their attention, you need to ask yourself – What do beauty buyers expect to see?

Beauty retail buyers will consider smaller brands, however, they expect something in return. That is why it is really important to have your eyes open when you enter into a business partnership with someone as this is a pretty big deal for you and your cosmetics business. This type of business partnership can make your business move to the next level, so it is definitely worth considering.

So, how to sell cosmetics to retail buyers? Is there a formula you can use?

In this article, we are going to present you a few tips you can use to attract retail beauty buyers:

Buyers are looking for creativity and innovation – The first rule you need to keep in mind is – you have to be selling a product that people want to purchase. This can be something new and innovative in application, in packaging, in technology, in ingredients, and etc.

Buyers want to see a buzz around your brand – The beauty retail buyers want to see a huge engagement with your people and followers. The buyers will look you up online and check sites such as and Google Trends to see what people think of your brand and products.

You will usually need to cater for all skin types – If you want to partner up with larger chains you will need to appeal to a wider range of skin types. Targeting just one specific skin type is not enough.

You need to be on trend – You need to make sure you are informed with what is trending all over the world. Personalization of cosmetics is a popular trend at the moment which larger chains are watching it with great interest.

When approaching, keep it simple – If you are planning on sending a package to the retail beauty buyers, send them samples and the most important information only.

Use these tips to guide you when selling cosmetics to large retail stores! Determine your best strategy and use it to approach the beauty retail buyers.

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